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Whatever level of study you require, we can help. We provide courses from level 1 all the way up to the latest in electrical certifications required for professionals. 

Basic Installation Workshop   

Course Code: ISC17BIW


What is this training?

This training has been specifically designed for those who are new to the world of electrics.


This course will provide you with the opportunity to develop the basic knowledge and installation skills required for the safe installation of electrical equipment and circuits within domestic environments.


It provides a foundation and stepping stone for those considering a future career in the electrical industry working as a domestic installer or a fully qualified electrician.


In addition, this training will be recognised if you decide to progress onto an accredited domestic or electrician qualification and reflected in the cost of futher training where applicable.


No previous knowledge or experience?

No problem, this training has been designed for people like you and will develop your understanding and practical skills on a step by step basis. .


What does this training include?

This is primarily a workshop based training programme designed to develop basic electrical installation skills relevant to domestic environments. However, practical training activities will be linked to relevant theory and regulations with this part of the training being delivered in both our training workshop and training classroom.


It includes the development of basic domestic electrical installation knowledge and practical skills including:

  • Electrical safety - (safe isolation procedures)

  • Domestic cables - (fixed wiring and flexible cables)

  • Lighting circuits - (including one-way, two-way and intermediate switching arrangements)

  • Power circuits - (13A socket ring and radial circuits)

  • Equipotential bonding - (bonding to water and gas pipes)

  • Basic fire detection - (domestic smoke alarms)

  • Domestic consumer units - (isolators, main switches, circuit breakers and residual current devices)

  • Basic circuit test procedures - (continuity and insulation resistance testing)


In simple terms, the above training will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills to safely install basic electrical equipment and circuits within domestic premises.


How is this training assessed?

This is a non-accredited training programme, installation skills and competence is assessed against industry standards on an informal basis with a certificate of attendance provided on completion.


How will you train?

The development of your installation skills and knowledge in our training workshop and training classroom will require you to attend our training centre for either 10 mornings or 5 days, typically this would be over a 5-week period.


However, we fully understand how difficult it can be to commit to a course or training that requires attendance at a training centre or college on fixed dates and times, therefore we offer a more flexible approach to training for those of you who have busy lifestyles, have other commitments or simply cannot take time off from work.


We aim to provide this training on a flexible basis with attendance being programmed at mutually agreed times to meet your needs rather than the other way around.


What do you need to provide for this training?

We provide all necessary tools, test equipment and reference publications but you will need to provide a pair of suitable safety shoes or boots.


When does this training start?

Whenever you are ready!

This training is currently available for immediate commencement, simply pay the training fee, complete a booking form and we will have you ready to start your training in next to no time.


How much does this training cost?

This training programme is currently available for £695 (full payment required when booking).


Need further information?

Our friendly team is here to help, we pride ourselves on providing impartial advice and guidance that meets your needs not ours! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to use our contact form or call and speak to one of our expert advisors.



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