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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information update – 1st November 2020


Ipswich Skills Centre remain open during the current restrictions for virtual classroom, e-learning, examination and workshop activities. Non-essential in-centre activities (e.g. in-centre study sessions, in-centre classroom theory delivery etc.) have been temporarily suspended during the current restrictions.


All e-learning courses, virtual classroom courses and blended training programmes remain available for commencement.


We continue to work hard to ensure that all customers and students, both old and new, will enter a safe learning environment within our training centre. In accordance with our specific Covid-19 risk assessment and government guidance, a number of new measures have been introduced to ensure that our students and staff can work in a safe environment.


Despite the introduction of many new measures and working protocols, it is an impossible task to remove all elements of risk. With this in mind we are asking all students, members of staff and authorised visitors to not only fully comply with the many new rules that are now in place within the training centre but above all use their common sense.


Following risk assessment many new measures have now been introduced within the training centre, these includes the following:-

Please note: This list is not exhaustive and all students and authorised visitors will receive a 'Code of Conduct' detailing the new requirements and rules prior to attending the training centre.


  • Reduction in workshop and classroom capacities

  • Strict cleaning protocols

  • Distancing rules in accordance with current government guidlines

  • Temperature checks 

  • Use of face masks and face visors within the training centre where and when required

  • Provision and use of additional PPE (e.g. washable face visors (workshop use),*disposable face masks etc.)

  • Use of face masks, face visors and gloves within the training centre premises where and when required

  • Installation of appropriate wall and floor information and guidance notices and tapes

  • Provision of sneeze/cough guards on desk areas where and when appropriate

  • Installation of hand sanitising equipment including wall mounted stations and desktop provision

  • Introduction of paper towels within toilet facilities

  • Provision of dedicated waste disposal containers for alcohol cleaning wipes, paper towels, disposable face masks etc.

  • Provision of alcohol wipes and sprays in all areas to clean equipment after use, including tools, desktops and laptops

  • Strict protocols in the event of student or staff illness, including reporting procedures when displaying symptoms of illness 


* We encourage all of our students to purchase their own personal face masks (preferably washable), however disposable face masks will be   

  available to purchase at minimal cost within the training centre.


  Please be aware that things still remain fluid during these difficult times and Ipswich Skills Centre will respond accordingly to any further  

  government guideline updates.


We look forward to welcoming both existing and new students to the training centre 

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